Automatic Translate Addon For TranslatePress (Pro)

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Automatic translate entire page content with one click. You don’t need to translate page content / strings / words manually one by one, Automatic Translate Addon For TranslatePress will automatically translate everything via Yandex or Google Page Translator.

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Last Update: 22 Mar 2022     Version: 1.2
Translation Translate Press Addon
The plugin is great, I hope that in the future it will have an automatic translation just like the native ones of Translatepress.
The plugin is fantastic, Ultimately the accuracy of the translation is a different issue, however, this is no doubt the easiest way to get started.

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You can automatically translate unlimited characters free of cost without any API key. You just need to install this addon and click on the translate button to translate any plugin or theme strings.
  • Unlimited Translations
  • No API Key Required
  • Save Time
  • Avoid Manually Translation
  • User Friendly

Avoid Manually Translation

Using this addon you have no need to translate all plugins, themes, pages, posts strings manually. You can translate whole plugins, theme ,pages strings automatically.

Unlimited Translation

You can automatically translate unlimited characters. You just need to install this addon and click on the translate button to translate any page or posts strings.

Save Time

Using this add-on One-click translate full page strings. if a string will contain HTML or a special character then it will be skipped from automatic translations

No API Key Required

using this addon, there is no requirement to use any translate API key to use this addon for automatic translations, just install it and translate unlimited characters with one click.

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Features Free Pro
Yandex Page Translate Widget Support
Unlimited Translations **
No API Required
Google Page Translate Widget Support
Premium Support
WordPress Free Support
(Time - 7+ Days)

Premium Email Support
(Time - 24-48 Hours)

Frequently Asked Questions

A few queries about plugin…
  • How it works ?
    This plugin works as an addon for TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites official plugin. First, you need to install and activate the free version of “TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites” then install this addon and use one-click machine translations (supported by Yandex Translate Widget) .
  • Is there any translation limit ?
    There is no limit. Yes, you can translate unlimited characters without any API key.
  • Are you using any language translation API ?
    No, there is no requirement of any translate API key to use this plugin free or pro version. It uses free page translate widgets and services for unlimited automatic translations. Free license users can use Yandex Translate Widget but if you are using a premium license then you can also use Google Translate Widget.

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