Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate (Pro) (Google, Yandex & DeepL Support)

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Automatic translate your WordPress plugins and themes translatable strings with one click via automatic translation addon for Loco Translate. Premium version supports auto translation via Yandex, Google and DeepL without any API key.

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Last Update: 2023-02-24     Version: 1.5
Many thanks for your complete pub user-friendly plugin for the translation of all the websites.
It saved me a lot of time of translation if I had to do it manually.
Absolute best plugin for auto-translate.So many times I save with this plugin!
Very good plugin. I had a problem finding some strings of a plugin and clicking on the “Synchronize”.

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Automatic Translate Addon Premium Version Features

One-click translate any plugin or theme all translatable strings. It will only translate plain text strings means if a string will contain HTML or a special character then it will be skipped from automatic translations.
  • * Unlimited Translations
  • No API Key Required
  • Save Time
  • Avoid Manually Translation
  • User Friendly
  • Google, Yandex & DeepL Support

* Premium version will activate a feature/setting to use Google Page Translate Widget and DeepL Doc Translator. You can use Google Page Translation Widget for unlimited translations without any API key while DeepL Doc Translator provides limited number of free doc translations everyday for 1 IP address. If any auto-translate provider stops providing auto-translation widget or service in future, in that case plugin will not support that translation provider.

No Translation API

Yes, there is no requirement to purchase any extra translation service API, our addon supports Google, Yandex and DeepL services free of cost under their free usage limits and terms.

Review & Edit Strings

Machine translations may not always be correct so inside Loco translate you can easily edit any string while reviewing its automatic translation words in a easy setting panel.

Save Money + Save Time

It will take your full day if you manually translate any plugin or theme strings via Loco Translate but this addon will make this process with one click with in a few minutes.

Remarkable software

Before this addon client has spent many days translating plugins and themes but using this addon you can translate it within few minutes. Read Review By @tvdwal

Plugin Screenshots

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Compare Free v/s Pro

Why should you upgrade to pro…
Features Free Pro
Yandex Page Translate Widget Support
Unlimited Translations **
No API Required
Google Page Translate Widget Support
DeepL Doc Translate Support

Frequently Asked Questions

A few queries about plugin…
  • How does it work?
    Please watch the full youtube video tutorial Watch Here
  • Is there any translation limit ?
    There is no limit. Yes, you can translate unlimited characters without any API key.
  • Why & How to purchase PRO version!
    Pro version will provide you Google and Deepl Docx Translator.You can purchase version Click Here
  • Can I Use This Addon without Loco Translate plugin?
    No ,You can't use this plugin without loco translator plugin. It works as addon of loco translator plugins.
  • Are you using any language translation API ?
    No, there is no requirement of any translate API key to use this plugin free or pro version. It uses free page translate widgets and services for unlimited automatic translations. Free license users can use Yandex Translate Widget but if you are using a premium license then you can also use Google Translate Widget and DeepL Doc Translator.

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