Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Share Articles

Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses. If you are in business with the blogging industry then you must try WordPress Plugins To Share Articles.

Blogging has grown much in recent years. The quality of the content matters the most that bring traffic to your website. In this article, you will get to know in detail how the new WordPress plugins can increase the exposure of your post. 

  1. Digg Digg – More Powerful Sharing Buttons

This Plugin works as a sharing button. It is basically a slick share bar present on the left-hand side of your article that floats down as you read.

You can customize it in your own way, you can put buttons at the top or bottom of your article if you don’t want to show the sliding bar. This plugin provides services like Social Media newcomers Pinterest and Buffer as buttons.

WordPress Plugins To Share Articles

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

According to research by Bright Edge, which states that the position of the sharing button on your article has an impact on your social media traffic. If it is placed in the right position, the post will get more shares.

The amount of sharing of blogs is as likely to be the same as traditional online news articles. This is the reason why the sharing button gets more important.

According to research, if the sharing button is placed in a better position then the sharing of articles is increased by up to 7 times as compared to those blogs that don’t use it.

  1. Simple Reach – The New York Times Slider Plugin For Any Business

If you have ever read an article in the New York Times then you must have observed that when you reach halfway reading there appears a box that slides into your screen containing a suggestion for you to read other articles on that website. This plugin does exactly the same.

This WordPress plugin will suggest the readers view other articles on your website as they read through the post. This is another good way to make the visitors busy on your website for longer and allow them to share your articles.

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

This plugin is not just a simple suggestion box that slides in with any article. It has a strong algorithm created by socialism analytics company SimpleReach that shows the most related content according to the post you are reading.

I have reached ‘Eric Kim’, who is the founder of this company. He mentioned that it has been observed that on average, there is a 3-4% click-through rate on the suggested post presented by the slider.

  1. W3 Total Cache – 10 Times Faster Performance Of Your Blog

There is another powerful plugin called W3 Total Cache. It basically deals with performance. According to the company website, it is tested that this plugin speeds up the loading time of your blog by up to 10 times.

If you install W3 Total Cache, it will create a cache of every aspect of your website which decreases the downloading time for your visitors and everything will work smoothly. 

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

If a page takes much time for loading it affects visitors’ abandonment. It makes it easy to move within the website as it will consume less time and increase the probability of sharing.

The following examples will help you understand what a big difference a faster website can make.

  • A decrease of loading of search results by 0.5 seconds will lead to a 20% loss of traffic.
  • A speed decrease of only 0.1 seconds will lead to 1% loss of sales.

So making your website fast helps you to get traffic and can increase shares of your post.

  1. Facebook Commenting Plugin – Truly Social Interaction For Your Blog

The Facebook commenting plugin is already installed by over 400,000 blogs. It proves to be a strong competitor for existing commenting systems such as Disqus and Livefyre.

It is very easy to set up a Facebook Commenting plugin. You just have to put the customized code snippet in the comment section of your theme.

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

The Facebook commenting system provides you an option to post to your Facebook wall at the same time as commenting. This feature really helps to increase shares of my website.

It gives users a better and easier way to interact with your post because users can write whatever they want straight away without signing in.

  1. Social Metrics – Track Your Social Shares More Efficiently

The last powerful plugin provided by WordPress is Social Metrics. It gives you stats that help you to track the number of shares of your articles across all social networks.

It also provides you with a filter option. So you can filter by date or category and make it easier for yourself to understand how your posts are performing. The overview of all the activities of your posts is shown in compact format which is a great improvement. 

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

If you want to improve, you should measure your work and performance. This plugin is truly made for tracking your social mentions.

To increase sharing after installing Social Metrics, there are two important points to remember.

  • First, I observed that some of my articles performed well on some networks that I don’t use, such as StumbleUpon.
  • Secondly, I got to know about the content that is performing better than others and what the readers like. Since then I started working strongly on those posts that performed the best.

These are the Top plugins that can help you to increase shares and grow your business.

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