Style Contact form 7 inside Elementor using essential Addons?

  • Creating a contact form in Elementor isn’t very difficult, but there are still some details to keep in mind. This element is flexible and allows making your website user-friendly. A user can leave a message that helps in improving the user-business relationships.

It will also help you to understand the user’s hopes and complaints about the company, you will also get suggestions from this forum.

So creating a forum for a website is very helpful for business relations.

There are many ways to create a contact form on your website, we will see one of them below.

How to create a contact form 7 using essential addon:

Step 1:

  • Download the essential addon for elementor.
  • After installing the plugin, click on the essential addon.
  • It will open up the list of all the essential widgets.
  • Scroll down till you find the form slider element and toggle ON the contact form 7 option, and save changes.

Step 2: 
  • Now Go to the page where you want to add the contact form and edit it using elementor.
  • Under the elements search for contact form 7 >> Drag and drop the form on the page column.

  • Select the form type, give it a title, you can also add a description to the form.

This is how you can use the essential addon to add a contact form to your website.

Style options:

Now let’s design the contact form to make it stand out.

Form container:

  1. Under the style options, you can change the colors and design of the form.
  2. Change the background colors, images, arrange the form by a margin, and padding options.
  3. Play around with the style option to make your contact form stand out.

Title and description:

  1. Change the alignment, change the title typography and color.
  2. You can also change the title’s color and typography.


  • Change the label color and the letter spacing.

Submit Button:

  1. Here you can design the button, by changing the alignment, width of the button.
  2. You can also change the color of the button, apply a border to the button.
  3. Save the changes.

This is how your contact form will look after designing.

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