Simplify Email Automation Using MailOptin

Email marketing basically increases blog readership or generally stays in touch with customers. MailOptin is one such multitool to support these aims that help in Email Automation Using MailOptin.

MailOptin offers a variety of communication features as follows:

  1. It acts as a form creator which is used to build subscription forms and popups.
  2. It is used as a spam protection to keep members of the mailing list  authentic.
  3. It keeps page level targeting to keep check on conversion goals.

This automation option enables you to use multiple settings to customize your newsletter.

Following are 3 different ways to Simplify Email Automation  using MailOptin:

1. You Can Build Conversion-Optimized Templates

Optimized templates is an essential campaign  to standardize communication and to make sure that all necessary information is included. Moreover it also provides the latest WordPress design trends.

It offers benefits to concentrate on the necessary elements of your emails: 

MailOptin is as simple as writing a new post. Moreover, it provides you template options used to optimize conversions.

On the flip side, if you want to write the code yourself in a custom HTML template it gives you liberty to choose designs of your choice to margin the size.

2. You Can Customize Your New Post Notifications

For Instance you want to  customize your newsletters for certain unique target audiences.

For Example you have two different user roles : one is those who made a purchase before and other is those who haven’t made a purchase on your site. 

If a certain group of users prefers frequent emails then you can use the principle of post update and place them in their own category.

This is one such way to lower the odds of a reader who feels overwhelmed by the content they’re not really interested in.

Moreover, a small variation in your messages can impact your conversion rate. So to avoid this use MailOptin’s native A/B split testing function as shown in following:

 3. You Can Use Posts Email Digest for Consistent Campaigns

In some scenarios it happens that consistent loyal users also don’t visit your site everyday. 

They might not be the reason they are  ot aware about the new posts that spark their interest so this issue can be fixed by sending them regular updates. For this the Mailoptin is best to be used for sending them updates on a weekly, or monthly basis.

This technique operates on the basis of time zone and day you prefer to select on your site. MailOptin provides you variety of options for customization to build your automation.

Furthermore, you can also specialize further by including certain tags in your category.

It can be done in the way as follows:

In Case if there is no content available to send then you don’t need to worry about that as MailOptin wont send any email at that time. It also enables subscribers to  learn about meet-Ups and convince them to attend the next one. 

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