Plugins Update, Support Policy

For free plugins, we provide support and update only inside the WordPress support forum and plugin directory.

Below you can find plugin support, update and license usage terms for all premium plugins that we sell on this website and Envato marketplace: –

Plugin Update

– On your successful purchase of a plugin from this website, you will receive a yearly or lifetime license along with a plugin code based on your purchase order. You will receive plugin updates until your license expires. You need to renew your license to receive the latest plugin updates once it is expired.

– If you purchase our WordPress plugins from the Envato marketplace then you will receive plugin updates for a lifetime. We have implemented an auto-update feature in our plugins so you can update them from the WordPress admin side. But we reserve the right to remove our WordPress plugins anytime from the Envato market without any prior notification so you will receive every update until we manage and sell it on the Envato marketplace.

Plugin Support

– For all purchases made from this website, users will receive support until their license will remain active. If you have a lifetime license then you will receive lifetime support.

– Envato marketplace sells 6 months or 1-year support along with plugin code so after this support period you need to renew your support if you want to ask anything from the plugin development team.

 Here is our support URL: – Remember we only provide support if you face any issue or bug inside our plugin, we never provide free support for an extra feature request. Please check the scope of support before sending a support request.

Plugin License

– Our WordPress plugins code is licensed under the GPL 3.0 –

– Premium plugins come with a license key that you will receive during your purchase order. This license key can be used only on 1 website or as stated in your purchase order.

– You can move the license key from one website to another after deactivating it from the previous one.

– You will receive automatic updates until your license key is active on a website.

– You can use the plugin after license key expiration but you will not receive updates.

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